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Recovery Point Zero (RP.0)

Recovery Point Zero (RP.0) – Your disaster recovery guarantee

Most businesses are now reliant on computer systems for their everyday operations, and the cost of losing access to your data or not being back online quickly can be crippling.
Recovery Point Zero disaster recovery and real-time backup solution provides real-time server protection that captures all changes to all your data, not just files, and securely stores them in a secure offsite location either a cloud based service or your own offsite location.

Using RP Zero you can leverage the power of the cloud or your offsite location to keep complete images of your servers, data and configuration, meaning you can get up and running quickly.
You only pay a monthly service fee and for the space and capacity required to keep you operational while a local recovery is completed.

With Recovery Point Zero you can rest assured that your data is safe, secure and offsite with the added comfort that your business can continue operating from a cloud environment in the event of a disaster, all for a fraction of the costs associated with a dedicated DR Data Centre, hardware and other associated costs.

Keep Your Data 100% Safe

With the ever-increasing shift to online integration of all business functions, it has become increasingly complex and difficult to backup all your data. In the event of a disaster, traditional backup systems will generally only save your centrally stored files.

Recovery Point Zero protects all your information, all the time. By taking snapshots of your protected machines on your network at frequent intervals, we offer real-time, byte-level replication of entire servers. We also use four layers of security so your information stays safe while backing up and recovering to and from the cloud.

Total Recovery At Your Finger Tips

Recovery Point Zero's Data Recovery Cloud Service can restore your business to exactly where it was minutes prior to a disaster. We can recover whole systems, entire databases or single documents.

We have carefully selected ours partners who are international leaders in data storage. Data is stored within a facility within Australia, Asia or the US providing world-class quality with local support.

When your system goes down you can feel secure knowing we will have you back up and running within minutes.

How it Works

The Recovery Point Zero Service is a combination of best of breed technologies, implemented and managed by Mercury IT. This combination allows you to replicate data and system state information from one or more servers in your production environment into a virtual server, called a repository.

From this repository, you can restore entire servers to virtual machines to resume normal operations quickly and effectively.

Recovery Point Zero is more than offsite data back with some standby servers, it's a full recovery-as-a-service solution that includes both the target infrastructure, and the technologies to replicate and recover your data effectively in the Cloud with proven software technologies without the traditional duplication of hardware and software costs.

Four Layers Of Security

Our Cloud ensures data security with industry-leading tools and best-practices, providing four layers of protection:

  • SSL 256-bit encryption and private certificates in transit across the internet.
  • Customer's own private Cloud backup repository instances, in our preferred partners environment or your own*
  • Security groups to provide isolation for access and data transmission to individual customer EC2 instances.
  • EBS storage volumes accessible only by you through your repository instance.

Business Benefits

Recovery Point Zero is a much simpler and more cost-effective way to protect your data than traditional data storage options.

  • Pay only an affordable monthly fee with no long-term commitment
  • Then pay only for what you use and when you use it
  • Protect as little or as much as you want
  • Enjoy continuous server backup and on-demand restoration
  • Eliminate the cost of a secondary data centre
  • Reduce insurance risk, increasing your credit rating and decreasing your premiums

With our experience in end-to-end solution design and support backed by our deep understanding of business and technology environments Mercury IT are well positioned to support you with your Disaster Recovery and backup requirements utilising our service Recovery Point Zero.

Call Mercury IT today to discuss the best options for a comprehensive data protection solution for you and more.

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