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More cyber attacks for Australian companies

07 Jul 14

Australian businesses are urged to invest in IT security solutions following a revelation in a recent survey which highlights the overwhelming risks facing local enterprises.
The worldwide survey, conducted by BT Security, indicated that over six in ten (63 per cent) Australian companies have been victims of cyber attack crashes in the past year. This was much higher than the global average of 41 per cent.
BT Security research revealed the majority of incidents lasted over six hours. For businesses without adequate IT network support, however, it took nearly 12 hours to bring the system back online.
This increasingly common form of attack called Distributed Denial of service (DDoS) essentially attacks entire networks of computers at once taking them offline. IT staff are then distracted by the outage and cyber criminals manipulate the system to access passwords and information.
Phil Rodrigues, a BT director of security architecture, said to Fairfax Media that 71 per cent of enterprises had been attacked multiple times that indicated the fragility of their system.
"DDoS can be used for many purposes: protest, vandalism, bragging rights, extortion, industrial espionage and even as a prelude to war," he said.
According to a company that specialises in DDoS protection, there had been 31,000 attacks in Australia since the beginning of the year.
Nick Race, Arbor Networks' country manager for Australia and New Zealand, believes any form of attack can impact on an enterprises's infrastructure so it is imperative that businesses have policies and strategies in place to defend themselves.
"Rather than trying to simply flood the target's network an attack will send lots of, for example, log in requests that never finish so the server is just waiting for the other half of the log in to come," he said.
"It never does and eventually the server cannot listen any more and nobody else can log in. These have become very effective at slicing through network-based defences."

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