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Is Your SaaS Security At Risk?

15 Feb 17



SaaS security breaches are on the rise. 


Businesses who are adopting SaaS for better functionality and productivity, are doing so more than ever. This could create potential new security and data risks if not correctly measured by businesses. Many times, organisations will begin using unofficial SaaS services, which creates a ‘shadow IT’ setting. This adds to the complication of identifying day-to-day user activity and the safety of sensitive data.

We commented about cloud security way back in July 2014 -  'Study highlight need to address cloud security'.  Even then, encryption issues were prevelant for cloud services.


For this blog however, we gathered results from a noted Palo Alto report.  Mercury Technology Solutions found that between 2012 – 2015, there was a 46% increase in usage of SaaS usage for customer networks. This draws attention to the continued importance of assessing the security and data risks these services introduce.


The report summary:

1. An overwhelming number of applications fell into two categories: email at 38% and file storage at over 40%: that used non-sanctioned, unrestrained applications.

2. Most organisations who use SaaS applications, the operators are provided access to a list of packages the business has considered acceptable. Palo Alto argue that this high usage of packages demonstrates that consumers are unlikely to follow business procedural policies, and are instead engaging in widespread activity of unofficial SaaS applications. Kevin Beaver, from goes further to suggest guest wireless assessments, while Nicholas Rando from TechTarget explains the 5 top reasons for cloud breaches of late.

What does this mean for your business?

1. Unfortunately, a giant increase in sensitive data escaping. Without records of log-in to SaaS’s, means that lack of understanding for the organisation.

2. There is also the risk of intertwining consumer’s personal email and work emails.

3. This could introduce situations where a user may be attacked on personal emails and the threats can access the work email account.

Here’s where to get help.

1. Contact Mercury Technology Solutions. We thrive on delivering excellence in SaaS and IT management.

2. Stay connected with MTS. We’re assessing all things cyber security this February.
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