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Why Choose Us?

We believe that many organizations are not being adequately served by their technology vendors. While there are many IT companies out there who will 'Sell' technology there are few that bring an understanding of business strategy to their way of servicing clients.

At Mercury IT we work with you to build a technology plan that aligns with your business strategy and goals, we then partner with you to offer best in class IT services, monitoring and management so that you can focus on business and leave IT to us.

  1. We're Australian
    Mercury IT is Australian owned and operated, keeping money in our economy and allowing us to stay up-to-date with specific matters and issues that directly affect our Australian clients. Red tape issues are also alleviated as decisions are made at a local level.
  2. Major Brand Support—Independent Operation
    Mercury IT works with all major and a number of small brands and manufacturers, independently providing you with an honest and unbiased recommendation in order to provide the best solution for your organisation.
  3. Director-Level Integration
    The Directors of Mercury IT, Luke Halliday and AJ Williams are committed to ensuring that the company provides you with the best customer service possible. Because of this commitment to quality service, they are both totally accessible if you've got any questions or queries about a project.
  4. IT Solutions That Fit
    Mercury IT don't sell solutions to your business — we provide solutions for your business. Every project that we undertake has been specifically designed for individual businesses' needs in order to help them achieve their objectives more efficiently.
  5. Put Your Focus On Business
    Mercury IT will monitor your key technology metrics, allowing you to focus on the operational side of your business whilst leaving the technology to us. We can help to ensure that problems are kept to an absolute minimum by addressing issues as soon as they occur—taking away your stress when it comes to your business's IT.
  6. Support When You Need It
    Finding it hard to deal with the manufacturers or software support? Some of the most predominant brands' service and response centres are located overseas, making it difficult and frustrating when you need something looked at. Instead of calling them, you can rely on Mercury IT's experienced technicians to offer you over-the-phone tech support quickly, using terminology that you can understand.
  7. Proactive Approach
    Let's face it, IT is great when it works and can impact your bottom line when it doesn't. Through the use of best of breed management tools Mercury IT monitors your network, servers and other devices from an offsite location to ensure that they are operating as they should. From this vantage point our technicians are able to see if something is out of line and fix it quickly, minimising your business's downtime.
  8. Better Service
    Mercury IT is committed to being the best in service and we develop a best practice approach to Service Level Agreements (SLA) through existing and new engagements. We ensure that SLA's are flexible, reduce risk and provide reward sharing benefits for both your organisation and Mercury IT.
  9. Reporting And Expertise
    Mercury IT offer access to a complete range of industry leading skill sets, reporting, personnel and best of breed technology. These resources are available for you to tap into as you need, and have been designed to clearly communicate to you how your technology is working for you.

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