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Step 6: Optimisation


At Mercury IT our services are available to support your team throughout the duration of your solution's lifecycle. As part of this support, we will continuously evaluate your systems to determine if there are any areas where changes can be made in order to increase the efficiency of your network or to reduce your operational costs. This ongoing analysis will enable your solution to evolve with your changing business needs.

During the optimise phase we review your network's performance at regular intervals in order to analyse and evaluate the solution in its entirety. From the information gained in these assessments, we can determine your solution's ability to grow. As part of these reviews our team of Cisco Certified experts will also assess the technology itself to see if there have been any subsequent technological developments that you can benefit from. Furthermore, as security experts, our reviews will also evaluate the ability of your network to protectitself from external threats.

Key deliverables:

Your Account Manager will be your key point of contact during this phase. Depending on your individual requirements, tasks performed during the optimise phase can include:

  • Network Reviews
  • Compliancy Assessments
  • Convergence Readiness Assessments
  • Security Posture Assessments
  • Network & Application Baseline Assessments

Your benefits:

  • Business Synergy: By continuously assessing your solution, we can determine if the solution is still fit for the purpose that you require it for. This means that as your needs change, your solution will continue to deliver on its promise of helping you to achieve your strategic business objectives.
  • Cost: Accurate reports regarding your network infrastructure will help you to understand exactly which hardware and software is being utilised in your solution. This will enable you to control your maintenance costs and ensures that there is no unnecessary hardware cluttering your network.
  • Transparency: Regular network assessments, coupled with accurate network documentation, help to create total network transparency for audit ability purposes.
  • Productivity: Ongoing reviews will help to ensure that your network continues to run smoothly, reducing the risk of network downtime and consequently boosting employee productivity.

Next steps:

To learn more about our network review services or to speak to an Account Manager please call us on 1300 668 223 or alternatively you can contact us below

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