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Step 4: Delivery


The implementation of any new solution is often viewed as the riskiest part of the lifecycle process. If any detail, no matter how small, has not been accounted for then effects such as unplanned network downtime and escalating costs are immediately felt.

For these reasons, during this phase we take the time to methodically follow through every step of the pre-agreed implementation plan. Depending on your particular requirements, these steps can range from simple pre-staging to intensive staff training, and will allow the solution to be realised with as little network disturbance as possible.

Key deliverables:

The technical resources from your Virtual Solution Team (VST) will work with your internal teams in order to put your bespoke solution into operation. Your Project Manager will also monitor the implementation process in order to ensure that the solution is deployed according to the pre-agreed project timescales. Tasks that can be performed during this phase include:

  • Solution Staging
  • Implementation
  • System Migration
  • Staff Training where required
  • Systems Acceptance Testing as necessary
  • Operations Implementation

Your benefits:

  • Increased productivity: Less disturbance to your current network when migrating the systems and integrating new technology means that your network uptime is greatly increased.
  • Speed: The planning and project management that has taken place form the foundation upon which the solution will be implemented. This reduces your risk of encountering any unknown obstacles that would impede the implementation process.
  • Time: As part of the knowledge transfer process, we will help your team to understand and utilise your new solution correctly as soon as it is implemented. This shortens the timely 'learning curve' that comes from deploying new technology that your team may not be familiar with.

Next steps:

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