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Step 3: IT Design

IT Design

Creating a detailed design is critical to delivering a solution that achieves your required business outcomes. If the design does not accurately mirror your business goals, then your solution will fail before it can even be implemented.

At Mercury IT, the expertise of our technical team means that we are able to stay at the forefront of developing technology. During the design phase, we utilise this award-winning expertise in order to match your business requirements with the capabilities of the technology that we select for your solution. We will also ensure that the design is capable of supporting your current business needs, whilst simultaneously being scalable for future growth.

Key deliverables:

Your Project Manager will liaise with the technical members of your solution team, who will make certain that the business, operational and technical requirements that have been garnered from previous assessments are all incorporated into the detailed design.

A CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert) or Microsoft Certified systems engineer will evaluate and approve your final design. Where necessary, your design can also be pre-staged and tested to determine if the desired levels of network availability, reliability and security have been achieved.
During this phase we will perform, document and present our findings from the following stages, as required, for your approval:

  • Detailed Design Development and Validation
  • Operations Design and Implementation Plan Development
  • Migration Plan Development
  • Staging Development
  • Systems Acceptance Testing
  • Staff Development Assessment

Your benefits:

  • Accuracy: Verifying and pre-testing the solution before it is implemented removes the need for any expensive and intrusive network redesign.
  • Efficiency : Determining the required technology and the variables that need to be considered before the solution is deployed speeds the implementation and migration of your solution.
  • Cost : Detailed design and proactive project management     ensures that the correct solution is implemented with the correct technology, at the appropriate times. This greatly reduces your risk of costly project errors.

Next steps:

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