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Step 2: Planning


Before a new solution can be successfully deployed, it is important to first gain an accurate understanding of the current network infrastructure, its ability to support the new solution, and the security in place to protect it.

During the plan phase we will refine the criteria that we need in order to successfully manage the deployment of your solution. By conducting in-depth assessments of your existing infrastructure we can determine which sections can be used in the new solution, and which sections need to be optimised.

All of the observations noted during these assessments will be built into the project plan in order to accurately produce budget and timing forecasts. The results of these findings will also help to determine the scope of your solution.

Key deliverables:

Both your Account and Project Manager will work with you in order to agree the key dates and milestones for the solution. Your Account Manager will then introduce you to the technical resources from your own Virtual Solution Team (VST) who will perform the assessments that are listed below as required.

After each assessment our findings will be documented and then presented to you for your approval. You will also be given access to our on-line project management tool from which you can view the project documentation at any time. The key deliverables from this phase can include:

  • Site Readiness Assessment and Associated Documentation
  • Network Readiness Assessment
  • Operations Readiness Assessment
  • Security Vulnerability Assessment
  • Detailed Project Plan
  • Access to the Project Management Portal

Your benefits:

  • Efficiency: Assessing your network infrastructure allows us to incorporate this knowledge into the project plan, and reduces the risk of implementation disruptions due to 'unknown variables'. This increases the speed of systems migration, and the implementation of the solution as a whole.
  • Productivity: Detailed project planning, combined with the assessments of your infrastructure, mitigates the occurrences of any 'unplanned' downtime. Consequently, productivity is increased due to increased network availability.
  • Cost: Detailed Planning ensures accurate budgetary forecasts, thus enabling you to both predict and control your project costs.

Next steps:

To learn more about our project management services or to speak to an Account Manager about your requirements, please contact us by calling 1300 668 223 or alternately you can contact us below

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