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MercuryIT Clients

As an IT company offering a totally comprehensive range of services, we're capable of delivering technological solutions across a wide variety of industries—as you can see from these client testimonials below.

#1 Alphabet Designs

We are always assured that when we call Mercury IT with an IT problem there will always be someone attending to a solution promptly and keeping us informed at every step of the way.

Paula Neill
Alphabet Designs

#2 South Coast Radiology

I've been dealing closely with Mercury IT for the past four years and in that time I've never had one bad thing to say about them. Their service is fantastic. If there's ever a problem with our system causing downtime, Mercury IT have always been very prompt in responding to our calls and resolving the issue. I have already recommended their service to a few people because I could not be happier with the service they provide SCR. – it's brilliant. Mercury IT handle all of our networks, the purchasing of new IT equipment, the installation of new sites, organising data cables and essentially cover all of our IT needs across the board. For seven months we have had Andrew Corbit from Mercury IT working in our SCR office. Having Andrew on site has been a massive help, because as soon as we need IT assistance he is onto it straight away to ensure things are up and running smoothly.

Kathy Huxtable
South Coast Radiology

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#3 Medland Orthodontics

Without a doubt Mercury IT's level of service is great!  Their response time is excellent and they make a constant effort to make us feel that we are a 'valued' customer.  Our practice relies on its computer network to provide a highly productive and efficient service to our patients with the care they need – the team at Mercury IT allow us to do so.

The out of hours assistance is of a high standard and there is always someone available for help even when the office is closed.  When we require  additional work to be carried out the Mercury IT team always tries to schedule a time in as soon as possible so that our needs are met.  The service is always helpful and the technicians convey the problems and specific needs in a 'user-friendly' language that our staff can understand.

The Management team have taken the time to get to know our networking needs by taking the time to get to know our business and therefore are able to provide the best service to us as a client.

It is comforting for us to know that each technician at Mercury IT actually knows what they are doing and most importantly the standard of their service is consistent.

I would personally recommend Mercury IT to anyone with complex or even simple computer network needs!

Medland Orthodontics

#4 Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

During the past five (5) years, Mercury IT has demonstrated ability to offer a variety of IT solutions,
to react to market changes, and to adapt to our dynamic network environment which has been integral
to our success. Mercury IT is a professional company with talented network engineers that are always a pleasure to deal with.

Yours Sincerely

Craig Field
IT Liaison Officer
Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

#5 Gold Coast Cabs

Gold Coast Cabs completes over 8 million taxi journeys every year with a fleet of just under 400 taxis, in addition we provide dispatch services to a further 110 taxis in Mackay, Airlie Beach, Hervey Bay and Tweed Heads. Mercury IT has provided all of Gold Coast Cabs' IT needs for four years, over that time MIT have become an integral part of Gold Coast Cabs. We have an extreme reliance on our information and communication systems to provide 24/7/365 contact services to facilitate bookings between passengers and the taxi fleet on the Gold Coast. In 2011, we relocated to a new corporate HQ with completely new telephony and server infrastructure.

Mercury IT provided all of the project management services including: planning, design, implementation and maintenance, to ensure that the numerous different vendor's systems integrated and operated as expected within the new facility. The depth of experience within the staff and management of Mercury IT was evident as they approached and resolved each challenge as they arose.

Mercury IT also managed the relocation to ensure minimum downtime as complete redirection of services had to be completed in a live environment. With all of the other processes that had to occur to move to our new building, it was a great relief to be able to completely rely upon Mercury IT for all of the IT services. The team at Mercury IT are considered part of Gold Coast Cabs and effectively operate as our IT department and will be for many years to come.  

Martin O'Riordan
Gold Coast Cabs

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#6 Wealthfarm Financial Planners

Mercury IT currently run all of our IT systems. Before engaging with Mercury IT our servers were constantly crashing, our original IT staff were charging too much to do nothing for us. We had very unreliable IT which lead to staff members sitting around waiting for IT issues to be resolved which wasted a lot of our time. With Mercury IT came an extremely efficient system which ran with minimal downtime.

They've provided brilliant service – we've had nothing but a good experience with Mercury IT.  They got all of our IT systems up and running with absolute minimal downtime – if any. Our systems are stable, the security is strong, they have resolved all of our issues. We have 25 staff members who from time to time have their own small IT questions and Mercury IT has been able to assist and answer all queries rather than us having IT staff in the office for that purpose.

Mercury IT takes all the IT hassle and pain away from us. We strongly recommend Mercury IT to anyone. 99% of our business relied on IT and computers, and we're pleased that our systems are now reliable and efficient. The best thing we ever did was decide to use Mercury IT and follow their advice.

Nicholas Sinclair
Wealthfarm Financial Planners

#7 Polar Fresh

In my opinion switching to Mercury IT is one of the best decisions I have made in my role and is helping us progress and innovate in the IT field as a company.

Rob Kift
Polar Fresh


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